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28 Jun 2014

The Pixie is a creature of both myth and legend. This is what the Vikings called the Picts, the original inheritance of what is now the England. The Vikings thought they had magic abilities because they seemed to appear out of nowhere and it is out of nowhere, Gateway’s own Pixie appears.

I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady. On first impression, she presented herself like a sophisticated rebel. With a classy, ladylike, introduction, she puts you at ease with her friendly manner. Though her hair colour, hints to something unique. Something, I was pleased to find, is her unique ability to intuitive. During our encounter, she was willing and accommodating as the mood dictated.

From soft and gentle to wild and vigorous, this is one lady that enjoys her femininity and all it has to offer. Leaving me mythed by this legendary experience. Pixie is a true and rare gem.