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04 Dec 2015

I came to the Gateway hoping to find someone I could really click with you know. Someone I had actual chemistry with. When Kat came out of the red curtain in a stunning skin-tight purple dress with gorgeous curly hair and artistic tattoos and after a brief conversation I chose Kat.

As we walked up to the room Kat made me feel comfortable and relaxed as I hadn’t been to an establishment like this before. She listened to what I had to say, was interested and attentive. We got along like a house on fire.

After I got out of my shower ( which I must admit is really nice) I walk out of the bathroom to find Kat lying naked on the bed. Let’s just say she really took care of me.
I’ll definitely be coming back again soon. Kat is a pocket rocket who is capable of anything in the bedroom.
Try her out!
She really got me purring