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30 Jan 2012

Hi, I gotta say.. Tonight was my first experience at a bordello.. Filled with the fear of the unknown, and only having a few mates explain to me what the whole “ordeal” was suppose to be like, I took the nerve racking decision to finally have a go.. Not
knowing where to start, and only having recommendations from a few friends, Gateway Club was the first port of call. Amira was my selection, and i dont think i could have chosen a better lady to spend my time with. Putting me at ease from the get go, and extremely
well versed, polite and respectful, no words can truly describe the ridiculously good time i had. She is definitely as sensual, intimate and wicked as she is intelligent, witty and sincere.. Gents, If it is your first time, dont go past this establishment..
It blew the stereotypical view i had of the industry, the girls and the venue to pieces. You will be met with genuine sincerity and professionalism, and you will be put at ease.. Have fun and enjoy the time.. We all only live once.. B