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23 Jan 2012

Dear Gateway Club,

A sexy threesome is the stuff of most men’s fantasies. For a bisexual woman a lusty three-way with my husband was a lifelong dream. The Gateway Club and the sensational Phoenix turned it all into reality on Friday night. That night we also visited another major Sydney Brothel. This establishment was more like a “production line”. We were rushed to a confined room by a rude hostess who didn’t even ask what we were after. We were shown the worst porn ever and the so-called model escorts were less than average and totally disinterested. We walked out disgusted and deluded by the hype! The Gateway Club was galaxies apart. Your hostess, (I think her name was Tanya?) was exceptional and really took the time to understand our desires. She knew that as a couple we were after something special. I wanted a girl that was genuinely bisexual and was into girls too! It had to be a genuine triangle of desire.

The Gateway Club provided a classy, high-quality and flirtatious introduction to the most gorgeous girls who were warm and engaging. The surroundings were sumptuous and sexy. Thanks to Tanya we were introduced to Phoenix. Immediately her sexy flirtation transported us into the world of our fantasies. Our time together was humorous, intelligent, sexy, sensual and mesmerising. This gorgeous red-head was blissful, smart and seductive. Her prowess with both of us was amazing. The atmosphere was spontaneous and so fun. The sensual flashbacks have been burned into our brains for life.

Thank you Phoenix you truly rocked our worlds! And thank you Gateway Club – you are the best establishment for discerning couples. You are most welcome to publish this testimonial and please pass on our personal thanks to Phoenix – AMAZING!