The new Kings Cross: lockout laws send revellers to Newtown

22 May 2017

The Newtown sex industry is also benefiting from the influx of people, as a number of Kings Cross brothels shut up shop following decreases in patronage.  Brothel owners around the Newtown area ... read more

Sydney’s Gateway Club Reports Upturn In Nightclub Patronage

22 May 2017

Sydney’s Gateway Club cites recent special events like the Vivid Light Festival, State of Origin Rugby League Clash and Sydney Film Festival as being responsible for an upturn in nightclub patronage... read more

Rules and Guidelines for Entering a licensed Brothel in Sydney

22 May 2017

Licensed brothel by definition is any place that is being used for sexual activities. That is to say, any venue that has been used, advertised or likely to be used for the provision of sexual services... read more

How Sydney Brothel Make You a Better Lover?

22 May 2017

Whether you frequent going to a  Sydney brothels or if you're still trying to decide about going to one, there's one fact that must be said right here and now: Brothels make you perform better as a l... read more

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